Approaching and reviewing the "Social Competence" concept

Noelia López de Dicastillo Rupérez, Concha Iriarte Redín y M.ª Carmen González Torres.


This article's main objective is reviewing the social competence concept because of the last researches' more complex and multidimensional perspec-tive.The social competence theme is going up due to the importance for present and future social functioning, life quality and people's coexistence. This interest had its reflection in the number of theoretical and practical studies, even though, the different authors did not reach to any certain definition.

This lack of definition brings the appearance of different perspectives and programs studying the theme from different non-global perspectives that do not include inter-personal relationship's richness and complexity.For this reason, we try to approach to this theme with an embracing look through its definition and the components and variables including in the research. Likewise, the social competence should be included in the framework of civic education.


Key words: social competence, social skills, assertiveness, civic and moral education.

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