Efficiency of a program for health education for the 2º cycle of Compulsory Secondary School

M.ª José Fernández Díaz, Rafael Carballo Santaolalla y Narciso García Nieto.


This articles based on the evaluation of the program for health education. The program was designed by our working group, and was offered to children comprising thirteen to fourteen years of age, taking into account the importance of this subject to children of this age.This program was conducted under near experimental condition with a control group.This program was offered in public and private school, after the children pass a test covering health education matters, such us : Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex and AIDS.

After four months of the program, a second test was made to allow comparison with the first test. The results so the efficiency of the program and the improvement of the students knowledge all health matters.The results are evident although the program would benefit from longer teaching times and being offerd to students of a younger age.


Key words: Health Education, Evaluation Program, Quantitative Methodology, Compulsory secondary school.

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