Evaluation of postgraduate programs

M.ª Ángeles López Romero.


This article examines the evaluation procedures of postgraduate programs in a number of different countries with different political, social and economic characteristics.

Four sections discuss the main goals pursued and the most frequent evaluation methodologies that have been found through the review of several researches whose main aim is to assess university postgraduate programs offered at U.S.A., Latinoamerican countries, Europe and, especially in Spain. Strengths and weaknesses of these evaluation systems are provided, and also when these procedures were initiated. We pay a careful separate attention to practice-oriented master programs because of their differences from traditional masters and doctoral programs.


Key words: Postgraduate Programs, Master Programs, Program Evaluation, Accreditation, Evaluation Methodologies.

Data collected by PlumX Metrics. More information on the metrics collected can be found at https://plumanalytics.com/learn/about-metrics/