The narrative approach: histories of life and understanding of the areas of personal development

Concepción Medrano Samaniego, Ana Aierbe Barandiarán y Alejandra Cortés Pascual.


The narrative approach, more precisely the histories of life, is presented in this article, as a method of work to know and describe some of the areas of development that have contributed significantly to the personal development during the vital cycle. The narrative research can contribute to a better understanding of regulating events having an influence on our development. From this perspective, it is more relevant for us to understand the interpretation given by the person of his/her own experience than the objective information about the same. Following previous research, in which real dilemmas in context of a group of elderly people (60) were studied, an outline of the interview has been drawn up to make inquiries into the histories of the life of the subjects interviewed in the previous research.


Key words: personal development, narrative method, histories of life, interview

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