Possibilities and limitations of information and communication new technologies from an education po

José Luis Álvarez Castillo


The information society, that is based on the technological revolution, is already a fact. The information and communication technologies also concern the education world -not only commerce and leisure-, and the education policy should take advantage of them.

Our aim in this paper is to establish some benefits and limitations of technologies in education from a policy approach. Computing and telecommunications may serve a market model, or they may be useful to build a democratic and egalitarian society, or both. For the moment policy discourse is driven from the perspective of markets, rather than from a perspective which places the priority on the needs of the democratic process. It is argued that educational environments are suitable contexts to foster citizensâ?? involvement in the information society in a moral way.


Key words: Education Policy, New Technologies, Democracy Models, Equality in Education, Lifelong Learning.

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