Personal and social contents in the textbooks of social, environmental and technological knowledge (

Rafael López Atxurra y M. Ángeles de la Caba Collado.


This article deals with the study of personal and social education in the textbooks related with the knowing of the social context, the environment and the technology in the primary school. The contents of eighteen textbooks have been analyzed and classified in three main groups: l) the self (self-consciousness and autonomy 2) the self and social context (knowledge of social groups -family, school, friends, professional groups, local community, the media-, and interpersonal values -responsibility, participation, social skills and diversity-), 3) human being and environment. These contents have been used as categories of analysis in order to know the frequency of use in the textbooks. The results show that the presence of contents related with personal and social education in the textbooks is quite variable. The description of social groups is very high in comparison with the low presence of personal and interpersonal values.


Key words: Textbooks, Socialization, Personal-social skills, Personal-social values, Primary school.

Data collected by PlumX Metrics.

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