Elías Manuel Said Hung

Sociologist and PhD in Information Sciences. Professor at the Faculty of Education, director of the Master's Degree in Inclusive and Intercultural Education and principal researcher of the Research Group Socio-educational and Intercultural Inclusion, Society and Media of the International University of La Rioja.


More than 15 years of academic experience and 8 years in charge of the management of Research Centres in the field of education in Latin America. He has taught as a visiting professor in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela, among others. He has served as a project evaluator for the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, CONICET, COLCIENCIAS, among other state and private agencies, and for more than 150 papers presented in journals indexed in Web of Sciences and Scopus. He has more than 100 academic publications published in journals indexed in Web of Sciences and Scopus, and other formats. He is a member of Scientific Committees of academic journals in the field of education and social sciences.


His lines of research are framed in two main lines of work: technology and educational context, and social networks, communication and sociology.