Bernardo Gargallo López

PhD in Educational Sciences from the Universidad de Valencia and Professor of Educational Theory at the same university. He is director of the Research Group on University Pedagogy and Teaching and Learning Strategies (GIPU-EA He has been Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education in 1997. Education in 1997 and Director of the Department of Theory of Education from 2003-2009.


His research interests are currently focused on educational processes and educational intervention. His last four R+D+i projects deal with university pedagogy, focusing on learning and teaching.


He is a member, together with the GIPU-EA group, of the UNIASC Network of Excellence, directed by Professor Miguel Ángel Santos Rego, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. He is the author of 18 books, 50 book chapters and 75 articles, published in prestigious national and international journals. Some of his recent publications are: Gargallo, B., Almerich, G., Suárez, J.M., García, E. y Garfella, P.R. (2013) Learning styles and approaches to learning in excellent and average first-year university students. European Journal of Psychology of Education, 28, 1361-1379Gargallo, B. (Coord.) (2017). Enseñanza centrada en el aprendizaje y diseño por competencias en la universidad. Fundamentación, procedimientos y evidencias de aplicación e investigación. Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch.Gargallo Lopez, B.; Perez-Perez, C.; Garcia-Garcia, F.J.; Gimenez Beut, J.A., y Portillo Poblador, N. (2020). La competencia aprender a aprender en la universidad: propuesta de modelo teórico. Educación XX1, 23(1), 19-44. Gargallo López, B., García-García, F. J., López-Francés, I., Jiménez Rodríguez, M. Á., & Moreno Navarro, S. (2020). | The learning to learn competence: An assessment of a theoretical model. revista española de pedagogía, 78 (276), 187-211.


He is a member of the Editorial and Scientific Committee of national and international journals and evaluator of R&D projects of national and regional agencies.


He won the First National Prize for Educational Research of the Ministry of Education and Science in 2000 with a research on learning strategies and also in 2002, with a work on ICT and education. In 2010-2011 he was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award by the Social Council of the Universidad de Valencia and the Consejería de Educación de la Generalitat.