Aquilino Polaino-Lorente

Aquilino Polaino is a graduate in Medicine and Psychology (UCM), Doctor in Medicine (Universidad de Sevilla), Specialist in Psychiatry and Graduate in Philosophy (Universidad de Navarra). He has been Professor of Psychopathology at the Complutense University (for three decades), and at the CEU-San Pablo University (for 12 years). He has held scholarships from the Spanish Ministry of Education and other international private and public foundations. He furthered his studies in Germany (Max Plank Institute) and the USA (UCA), and has given seminars and lectures at a dozen Latin American universities. He is currently a correspondent member of the Royal Academies of Medicine of Cadiz, Granada and Valencia.

His main lines of research are the following: autism, depression, ADHD, family therapy, epidemiology of depression, anthropology and bioethics.

He has supervised fifty doctoral theses. He has published more than fifty books and five hundred articles on his speciality in national and foreign journals. His most emblematic works include the following: Las depresiones infantiles [Childhood depressions], Educación para la salud [Education for health], Fundamentos de Psicopatología [Fundamentals of Psychopathology], Terapia familiar y conyugal [Family and conjugal therapy], Manual de bioética general [Manual of General Bioethics], Manual de hiperactividad infantil [Manual of child hyperactivity], El autismo y las emociones [Autism and emotions], Adopción, familia y autoestima [Adoption, Family and self-esteem], Antropología and investigación en las ciencias humanas [Anthropology and research in the human sciences].