M.ª José Fernández Díaz

M.ª José Fernández Díaz is currently Emeritus Professor in the Department of Research and Psychology in Education at the Faculty of Education of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she completed her doctoral thesis and of whose Faculty she has been Dean for eight years (2010-2018).


Some of her areas of specialisation are related to research methodology, teacher and head teacher training, evaluation and quality. She leads a research group called "Quality and Evaluation of Educational Institutions", on which topic she has directed and participated in several research projects funded by public bodies, including R+D+i projects, among others. The latter have focused on research into the impact of the implementation of quality management systems in educational centres and verification and accreditation processes in universities. A project on the latter is currently being carried out and has been awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. All this has led to numerous publications in high impact journals.


In the international arena, she has participated in several countries, giving courses and conferences in different universities and other organisations and taking part in numerous international congresses related to this subject.


Some of her most relevant publications in recent years are listed below:

- Fernández Díaz, M. J., Rodríguez Mantilla, J. M., & Fontana Abad, M. (2016). Impact of implementation of quality management systems on internal communications and external relations at schools. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 27 (1-2), 97-110.

- Fernández Díaz, M. J., Rodríguez Mantilla, J., & Jover Olmedo, G. (2017) Evaluation of the impact of intervention programmes on Education Organisations: Application of a Quality Management System. Evaluation and Program Planning, 63, 116-122.

- Rodríguez Mantilla, J. M., Fernández Díaz, M. J., & León-Carrascosa, V. (2019). Validation of a questionnaire to evaluate the impact of ISO 9001 Standards in schools with a Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 62, 37-48.

- Fernández-Cruz, F. J., Rodríguez-Mantilla, J. M., & Fernández-Díaz, M. J. (2020). Impact of the Application of ISO 9001 STANDARDS on the Climate and Satisfaction of the Members of a School. International Journal of Educational Management, 34 (7), 1185-1202.