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The revista española de pedagogía (Spanish Journal of Pedagogy or rep) is one of the oldest journals in the world dealing with pedagogical research. During the several decades it has been published, the revista española de pedagogía has always maintained the highest standards of quality and it has gained international awards.

The logo of the journal is a wheel, a symbol that wants to evoke several ideas: creativity and forward motion, the wisdom eye that enters into the knowledge of reality, the sun that radiates knowledge and makes ideas shine more clearly, as well as the globe, the sign of an education that is interested in the society where it belongs. This symbol, together with some other figures, is represented in the famous picture painted by Raphael entitled “the School of Athens”, in recognition of one of the most important moments of Pedagogy.

The Home page includes a summary of the articles published in the last number of the Journal.

Philosophical Foundations of Current Psychology
Nº 242, enero-abril 2009
Written by Alfonso Osorio   
The present article analyzes some philosophical (especially anthropological) bases that underlie current Psychology, and which can affect the field of education. It shows how, although empirical Psychology was founded by being separated form Philosophy, in fact it has separated itself from some philosophical doctrines, and has become associated to others. Often, in psychological literature, some philosophical postulates are assumed, such as naturalism, Cartesian dualism (with the corresponding negation of freedom), positivism, radical Darwinism (which completely identifies man with other animals) and ethical relativism. Attention is called to the implicit character of these assumptions, that can confuse readers and educators.  Alfonso Osorio
Key Words: Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Foundations of Education.
rep. Revista Española de Pedagogía